The Jacksonville Campaigns

"The Battle of Camp Milton"


This will be an 1864 event covering the battle of Camp Milton. We have a battlefield of 203 acres on private land in Folkston Georgia with running water, Port-o-lets, and plenty of deadfall for firewood provided. There will be two encampments Federal and Confederate with standard camp layout. Only units that participated in the actual battle will be portrayed. Federal troops will have Infantry, mounted troops and are limited to two cannon. Confederate troops will have infantry, a limit of 10 mounted and are limited to four cannon. Cannon must be full scale pieces (57-inch wheels) no mortars no mountain howitzers. This is a non-spectator event with no sutlers. Blanket sales are encouraged!
There will be a $20 registration fee to cover expenses.
This event is scheduled for the 9th and 10th of April 2022

1907 Trail Ridge Road. Folkston, Georgia 31537


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